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Right to vote


You should have by now received an important communication by post that can make the difference between having a say on the issues that effect you or losing your voice in Local, National and European issues.

Each year the Council compiles a new Electoral Register by sending out an annual canvas form to every property in the Borough. By completing and returning the form you will ensure that you and members of your household will be included on the Register and so be able to vote in any election in the following year.

Always return a completed form even if there have not been any changes in your details. If you fail to complete and send in the form you will be removed from the electorial register.

If you fail to register..
If you or a member of your household are not registered then you do not have a say about who represents you at a Local, National or European level. All you have to do is to complete and return the annual canvas form which you can also complete online in certain circumstances. People at the last election who failed to complete the canvas form were unable to vote and had to leave the Polling Station disappointed.

If you fail to register then prepare to be turned away from the Polling Station at the next election.

For more information
Contact Reigate and Banstead Borough Council on 01737 276000

Register your household online
Provided there are no changes or if you are applying for a postal vote you can complete the registration online. You can also choose whether the names of electors in your household will appear on the edited register.

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Last Edited: 14/04/2022
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