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Recycling Blueprint

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The Borough Council is proposing to change our refuse collection and is asking us all for our comments. The proposed  essential changes are:

  • A small lockable food caddy will be supplied to hold all our food waste which will be collected each week. Also we will be issued with a smaller caddy to keep handy in the kitchen so that we can transfer the contents to the bigger caddy when required. Collecting food waste separately enables it to be converted into agricultural waste and methane gas.

  • Two further boxes will be supplied. One to contain plastics and the other glass. By collecting this from households it will save visits to a recycling site and hopefully encourage more residents to put them out for recycling. Keeping them separate will make them more valuable. There will be a weekly collection from these boxes just as happens with our paper and cardboard boxes. n The remaining waste from the green wheeled bins will be collected fortnightly, in the opposite week to our brown garden waste bins.

  • A further special wheeled bin on loan is being considered to enable mothers for disposable nappies. The Council now seeks our views on this proposal. The Council is running a series of public events and roadshows around the Borough over the next eight weeks for people to comment on the new proposals. As well as providing recycling advice the roadshows will have examples of the new bins and stackable boxes which will be gradually introduced as the new recycling scheme is introduced.

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Last Edited: 16/04/2018
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