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Neighbourhood Watch Update

Burglaries in Nork
Most unusually there have been 16 burglaries in the past 8 weeks in Nork. Our neighbouring wards have not suffered in this way.

Surrey Police are committing extra resources to our ward in attempts to prevent and detect the current series. This series of offences is reviewed and discussed every two weeks at the management tasking meeting. Extra patrols have been brought into the area and the response police cars (when and if they have down time) are patrolling the area in a pro-active capacity.

The Force ANPR (automated number plate recognition) team are deployed on a regular basis in the area - their capability is to identify and pick up any vehicle that has an information marker placed on it on the Police National Computer among other things. Burglary patrol signs have been and are being placed to demonstrate an overt approach to both public and any potential offenders. The Neighbourhood Team are carrying out consistent visits and offering preventative advice. All intelligence opportunities are closely scrutinised for any opportunity to intervene. Covert policing techniques are considered and deployed wherever possible and proportionate. The Neighbourhood Watch coordinators and newsletters are regularly updated and circulated to keep the issue in the near focus of the local community with a request for any information. All forensic opportunities are followed up and Scenes of Crime Officers are routinely deployed to these crimes.

  • Have a quick look around your home and check the locks on doors and windows are all in good working order, and that includes the outhouses and sheds. Put away all tools and ladders. If you cannot get the ladder in them secure it with a good quality chain and padlock. Leave nothing that could be used to assist the burglar to break into the house.

  • What about security marking our new belongings, especially the computers, DVD players and all those other gizmos that only today's younger generation know how to operate?

  • What have you done with the boxes those expensive electrical goods come in? If you're really on the ball you'll have cut them up and disposed of them thoughtfully to the dump or local council recycling bins. If on the other hand you leave them intact by your wheelie bin, that's like taking out an advert in the Criminals Chronicle saying - look what w've bought!

  • What about when you go away for a while? First of all when you leave home double check all the doors and windows are locked. Tell your neighbours when you're going and what time you expect to get back. Ask them to keep an eye on your house. They could ensure that anything left protruding from the letterbox is removed or pushed through.

  • What about them parking their car on your driveway to give the impression that someone's home? If you live in a Neighbourhood Watch area let your coordinator know you are away. If you have an alarm system don't forget to turn it on and lights on timer switches are an excellent idea.

  • On the day of your departure all you have to do is have one last check around before you get in that taxi to the airport. So when you're standing at the check-in queue all you have to worry about is whether you've all got seats together, providing that is, you haven't already written your home address on the luggage labels!

Finally beware of bogus callers at the door. Always request ID, and if in any doubt regarding the authenticity of the caller, ring the company they state they are representing and also the Police. Bona fide callers will not mind you requesting to see their ID and will be able to supply a contact number for you to confirm their presence in your area.


Genuine emergency call 999
If you have a genuine emergency requiring the attendance of the police. For example if a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger..

Non-emergency policing matters.
Surrey Police Call Centre: 0845 125 2222

For all non-emergency policing matters.

Officers by voice mail: Dial 0845 125 2222 then star key then FIN

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

Surrey Police Web Site:

Officers by email:
[email protected]

Banstead Police Station - Opening hours
The Police Station is currently open 0900 hours to 1700 hours Monday to Friday.

There are plans to change the opening times to 0800 hours to 1600 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday to allow people access before work.

Tuesday and Thursday from 1300 hours to 2100 hours to allow customers access in the evenings.

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