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Local Elections 2019

Thursday May 2nd 2019   7am-10pm
Dear Elector,
Our present Councillors have decided to retire, Michael Selby after 31 years and Brian Stead after 25 years. They have earned a reputation within the Council as being the hardest working Councillors and we are determined to try to do as well as they did. We are fortunate that Brian and Michael will be staying on the RA committee to share the benefit of their experience with the Association and our election candidates.

We all live in Nork, and take pride in doing so. Continuing to maintain a high standard of service to the community is our aim.
  • We intend to ensure that Nork retains its character, that new housing developments are kept to a minimum and are not cramped and that there is adequate parking space provided.
  • We will seek to reduce the need for on-street parking and to provide more parking at Nork Way shopping parade.
  • We aim to keep our grass verges in good order and to replace the trees that have been reduced to stumps.
Our priority is to be Ward Councillors representing all electors in Nork. We ask you to cast your vote for the Nork Residents’ Association on 2nd May and to give us the honour of serving your interests on the Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.
Local elections normally attract a small turn-out of voters so
Please make Nork an exception and exercise
YOUR right to vote this time.
Remember, you have three votes
You are electing three Councillors
Yours sincerely,
Gemma Adamson, Ross Feeney, Peter Harp  

Why this election is different
A  government electoral review has led to ward boundary changes throughout the Borough. Therefore, for this year only, all three seats for the Ward are up for election.
We welcome voters who have transferred into our ward from Tattenhams and we will continue to support all residents.
We are fortunate that on our Committee we have three long-term Nork residents with a great deal of professional experience who would make excellent effective Councillors. They are proud to live in Nork and are determined to preserve and enhance all that is best in Nork,
The experience of our retiring Councillors is that party politics is best left out of local government. To allow our three candidates to continue the work for the welfare and benefit of all Nork residents I urge you to vote for them on May 2nd.  
George Hinton
Chairman Nork Residents’ Association
We vigorously scrutinise all planning applications to maintain the character of the area and to ensure that intensive development is minimised. We promote the local environment and oppose un-neighbourly cramped schemes with inadequate parking and loss of trees. In this way, we have been able to reduce the number of houses in these developments by some 250 houses. Moreover, most of the developments that have been built were only approved by the Government Inspector on Appeal after we had persuaded the Planning Committee to refuse the application.

We work with the Residents Association in Tattenhams to form a strong group of councillors from the north of the borough at the Town Hall in  Reigate. And, because we also represent you at the County Council, we can ensure a joined up approach for residents across the two councils.

Concerned at the poor maintenance of pavements and roads we are constantly prompting repairs and improvements. We are pleased that Yew Tree Bottom Road, Buckles Gap roundabout, Fir Tree Road, Banstead Road and Warren Road have been re-surfaced and also the pavements of Ruden Way and Warren Road.
We backed a campaign for a pedestrian crossing across the A217 at Burgh Wood so that children can walk safely to Banstead and were delighted when this was installed.
We share the concern at the parking at Nork Way shopping parade. We are in discussion with County to provide extra parking spaces in Eastgate by echelon parking and making Eastgate one way.

Concerned with the poor maintenance of Nork Park, we approached the council team responsible and highlighted the failings. We are pleased that maintenance has now significantly improved. The Nork Park Conservation Volunteers, which we organise, are tasked to assist the Council by clearing scrub, maintaining the pond and identifying hazards. We have also agreed a project with the Council to install an outside gym in the park.
We fought long and hard to keep a swimming pool in the face of opposition of the Council leadership. We were delighted when Tadworth Leisure Centre was built and encourage residents to take advantage of the new facilities.

Nork Park is the green heart of our community and we are increasing its biodiversity while preserving its history. We also value the trees in Nork and intend to replace the 75 or so on our grass verges that have recently been felled because of ill health.
To maintain the appearance and security of the Fir Tree Road fence we spent £3,900 of Nork Residents funds on repairs. We have managed to get full CCTV coverage again of the Nork Way shopping parade. We are in discussion with County Council for the provision of electronic 30 mph signs in Fir Tree Road Epsom.

With the threat last year of the withdrawal of funding for the 166 Epsom to West Croydon bus route, we lobbied council officers and councillors explaining how vital the route was for our area. We encouraged residents to respond too, and the service has now been retained.
We also wrote to Network Rail, Southern Rail and Chris Grayling seeking a better frequency,  faster,  seven days a week rail service and are pleased we now have a twice-hourly daily and a Sunday service.

With a £100m improvement scheme just started at Epsom General Hospital, its immediate future seems safe. We have serious doubts about the renewed proposal to replace Epsom Hospital with one at Sutton. This is a repeat of an earlier plan which was rejected by the Health Minister. We are highly doubtful if funding can ever be found for such a major scheme. We resent the wasted money spent on reviews over many years.
We know there are an increasing number of elderly residents in our area, and we support efforts to keep them out of hospital and provide local care. Two initiatives are important – the new @Home Service operated by our GPs and the Alliance which is taking on responsibility for providing adult community services.
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Last Edited: 16/04/2019
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